About Us

Company Name: Dividend Investments Ltd

Our Corporate Structure: We are part of the Tavor group, founded in 1991. Tavor Economic Consulting provides financial consulting services to private and public companies, municipalities, and government agencies.

What we do: We provide our clients financial advisory and portfolio management services.

Accreditation: Dividend Investments and our portfolio managers are licensed by the Israel Securities Authority to advise and manage client portfolios.

Our Clients: Our clients are mainly private individuals – businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals

Our Commitment to Personal Service: We provide a personal level of service that puts you, your goals, your appetite for risk, and your investment time horizon at center stage.

Although a one-size-fits-all solution would make our work much easier, it would also lead to investment choices that may not be the best for you.  As our client, you will be appointed a senior portfolio manager, who is directly responsible for the overall management of your investment.  Your portfolio manager will be accessible to you by phone or e-mail whenever you have a question about your account.


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